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Frequently Asked Questions

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Lex Intell is a leading provider of legal information and technology to litigators. We provide a free, public library of the law, and we empower the litigators with advanced legal research tools like iDRAF which are powered by artificial intelligence.

Lex Intell is world’s only legal research product that provide insight and 1-click access to the segregated sections of the judgment. Our 1-click iDRAF enables researcher to see issue, arguments, reasoning, and decision with just one click on mouse.

Use the search bar at the middle of the page to find a specific case. First select All from the left side drop down on the search bar. Simply enter the name of a case. For multiple search terms, use ‘+’ sign or for omitting some text, use ‘-‘ sign.

Select Citation from left side drop down and then enter the citation in the standard format including bracket, spaces, volume and source.

Select Party name from the left side drop down. Enter petitioner or respondent party name in the search bar and press enter. All cases will be shown where the entered name is either petitioner or respondent party.

Select Bench from left side drop down. Search for a case by entering the name of the judge in the search bar.

Segregation will be visible when you click on a case to see the detailed judgment. Navigation bar is visible at top of the page, which can be used to access the segregation as defined in the iDRAF feature. This feature could only be accessed after registering yourself with Lex Intell.

You can bookmark a case to view later clicking on the “bookmark” icon in the upper right corner of the case you wish to bookmark:
To view your bookmarks, first, make sure you are logged in to Lex Intell. Then, click on your initials or photo in the upper right corner of your screen, then select Bookmarks from the drop-down menu. You can also see your bookmarks on the right side of the screen on the Lex Intell homepage when you are logged i

You don't need a subscription to read case law on Lex Intell: the ability to read case law on Lex Intell is, and always will be, free.
You will need a subscription to access iDRAF (our unique segregated quick research feature), as well as the premium research features of the site. Currently this is available free of charge to all users.

The Lex Intell database includes primary sources and is procured directly from the source. The data is updated continuously with new courts and judgments getting added every day.

Case law and analysis on Lex Intell are updated daily. We make all efforts to make all judgments and the segregation for those judgments to be available on same day when the judgment is released.

At top of the home page, register button is provided. Enter your details in the form. Pl make sure to enter correct email ID and password since these will be used for sending OTP for login.

Click on login. Enter your mail ID which was used for registering with Lex Intell. An OTP will be sent to your mail ID. Use this OTP to authenticate yourself. No need for remembering or entering any password.

Our current launch is free to all registered users. So go ahead, register yourself and start researching on world’s first 1-click legal research system. For future pricing, contact us from the chat icon at the bottom of screen and we will be glad to share the details.