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The Lex Intell database comprises legal documents such as Case Laws, Legislations. Notifications, Gazettes, Digests, Journals, Articles, Legal News, and Insights Although the primary goal of this database is to provide an advanced, cost-effective, and alternative virtual tool for Bangladeshi legal professionals, it is also intended to create a comparative analytical environment by incorporating the global and domestic laws of all major common law and civil law jurisdictions Aside from a large number of resources, the database includes powerful research and analytical tools that are carefully organized so that users may locate their desired provisions and information with a single click. Lex Intell Artificial Intelligence is working behind the scenes to create data extraction technologies that can identify and classify various sorts of information from various types of legal documents. Simultaneously, as a user conducts research on our website, the Artificial Machine becomes more taught to deliver more accurate results. Aside from discussing the features, the creators of Lex Intell wish to send a message that they f eel that freedom of information is a fundamental right for every citizen of Bangladesh and every other country. Such rights are especially prominent in contemporary culture since many individuals are unaware of their legal and social rights, responsibilities, and liabilities. As a result, legal research should be simple and inexpensive enough that a layperson can find and understand t heir legal rights on their own. With this vision and principle in mind, Lex Intell is a free open research platform where anyone can search for any information, However, a user needs to subscribe to get full access to the entire database.